How to Prepare Your Business in Malaysia

Congratulations! You just decided that you want to open your business in Malaysia.

However, since Malaysia is all new to you, you have no idea where to start. In times like this,

preparing a business plan is crucial. Below are some ideas from GE Consult on how to get


Business Plan Preparation

The first step in preparing a business plan in Malaysia can be very difficult. But as you get

started slowly, you will find that more ideas will come to you as you keep going. To help you
get more ideas, here are some questions that will serve as a guide from SBA.

  • Evaluate and study the current market of the product or service that you want to put up

in Malaysia

  •  Check out your competitors, especially in the area of your choosing. Don’t forget to

check out how and what kind of things they are doing

  •  Define or identify your potential customers. Where are your customers based? What

kind of things do they want?

  •  How much is the price of sale you are going to place on your products or services?
  •  Define the capital that you want for your business. Base your computation on the market value in Malaysia
  •  You should also define how much you are going to need that will support your lifestyle
  • How long in the future are you going to see yourself still in this business venture?


You might want to turn over to the internet for some samples on the business, but just make

some drafts first before organizing them. You get to understand your business plan better

when you write them yourself, especially when it is done by your hand. And don’t forget –

always include in your business plan your budget for your daily needs since you need money

to live.

Choosing a business entity

Is it going to be a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited Company? Make sure

that it is going to be in your favor as this is about your business. A sole proprietorship may

sound nice, but it might not bode well for you in the years to come, depending on you13697284_10153949672284401_7793035214626531061_nr

business. Others prefer to have a partnership with a native Malaysian since it will help them

get a better understanding of the Malaysian market. It depends on your needs, so it is best

that you do your research on the benefits and drawbacks of each business entity as this will

affect your venture in the long run.

Budget preparation

After preparing the plan, you will get a good idea of how much you are going to spend for

your business. Some include this in the business plan, but it is best to use a separate sheet

for this and plan for a 3 year budget and projection of all the possible business outflows and

inflows. images-9You should also include personal commitments and needs. Make sure that your

goals in that 3 year span are realistic and when you implement them, always stay under


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