Building Your Own Fashionable Summertime Muslimah Look

It happens to all of us from time to time: Regardless of how much you have in your closet, you get the feeling that you have nothing to wear. This feeling is often a signal that it’s time to update your wardrobe with some fresh muslimah dresses and blouses. While the mainstream of Western fashion continues to trend towards light clothes and skimpy outfits, don’t assume that Muslim women are cut off from dressing fashionably. It’s possible to create a look for yourself that’s both modest and stylish from the collections below.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different vendors out there today that sell muslimah dresses and blouses. Every summer brings a fresh crop of eye-catching designs, and many of them make use of breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable during the hottest months. This is a key point to bear in mind when you’re shopping for summertime muslimah dresses. Even if you’re working with limited funds to fill up your wardrobe, you can still make some interesting and fashionable choices.

Take a look at the following suggestions before you make your next clothing purchase. This advice can help you put together dynamite looks when you buy muslimah dresses and blouses.

1) Distinctive Color Highlights

Dark fabrics are well suited to wintertime wear, but the summer is a time for brighter choices and more personal expression. You should keep the color palette of your existing clothes in mind when you pick out new summer items. You can often liven up an outfit with a fairly nondescript base color by adding a livelier accessory. A single bright touch is often enough to pull an entire look together. Take a good look at items in orange and purple; these bright shades are particularly popular.

2) Combine Prints With Solid Colors Wisely

You have an awful lot of fabric designs to choose from when you shop for muslimah dresses and blouses. Don’t make the mistake of wearing items with different prints simultaneously. Prints can have a striking effect, but you’ll generally want to use them one at a time. Round out an outfit with a bold printed piece with neutral, solid-colored items. If you find a great dress with a floral pattern, for example, pair it with a shawl or abaya in a single solid color. Think of printed fabrics as an equivalent to a color splash; you don’t want the rest of your outfit competing with them.

3. Accessorize

Accessories are very welcome with most muslimah looks. You’ll find an incredible array of different options available to you. Basic examples include brooches, bracelets, earrings, and Hijab pins. Don’t clear out your jewelry box every time you dress, though! Wearing just one or two accessories with an outfit will keep you from looking cluttered.

4. Get The Most Out Of Your Current Wardrobe

Even though fashion is always in flux, you don’t have to discard older clothes to stay trendy. You can extend the useful life of the muslimah clothes you already own by incorporating them into new outfits using newer acquisition. Make sure you maintain a healthy stock of versatile, neutral clothing that works with a wide range of different accessories and shawls.

While it might not always be easy, it is definitely possible to strike a balance between modesty, fashionability, and affordability when you buy clothes. Over time, cultivate a sense of the sellers who best fit your personal tastes. Sooner or later you’re going to find the store that regularly offers great prices on blouses, abayas, and muslimah dresses that appeal to you.

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